Please read the following rules & agreements before using our services.

These rules are official and the public offer of Digital Trends Biz, acting in accordance with the Company, on the one hand, and the individual member. This is equivalent to the conclusion of the Agreement in accordance with international law.
These rules shall enter into force on the date of registration of the User or member on the website of the program Digital Trends Biz and his acceptance of the terms and conditions. If you disagree with these terms and conditions or any part of these terms and conditions, you must not use this website.
Any individual or company from any country may open an account on the website. You must be at least 18 years of age to use this website.
You agree that all information, interactions, materials coming from Digital Trends Biz are unsolicited and must be kept private, confidential and protected from any disclosure.
Besides, the information, interactions and materials present herein are not to be regarded as an offer, nor a solicitation for investments in any jurisdiction which deems non-public offers or solicitations unlawful, nor to any person to whom it will be unlawful to make such offer or solicitation.

Member Registration
You must register as a Member to access certain functions of the Website. You are obliged to provide only complete and accurate information about yourself when registering as a Member or updating your Registration Data.
You agree to maintain and keep your Registration Data current and to update the Registration Data as soon as it changes. You are responsible for maintaining the security of your password.
Our Company and its service providers are not liable for any loss that you may suffer through the use of your password by others.
Each User or member can register only one personal account, re-registration is not allowed.

Investment Conditions
Each deposit is considered to be a private transaction between Digital Trends Biz and its Member. Members perform all financial transactions solely at their own discretion and their own risk. The User or member personally decides whether or not to be a member and how much to invest in the various learning packages. All accruals in the Personal Account are made according to the chosen package. The User or member can make a deposit with only help of electronic payment systems used by the Company.
You may choose any of the following e-currencies to make deposit: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, dogecoin or Perfect Money. A deposit may only be made in US dollars.
For the Digital blaze packages
The interest rate depends on the selected blaze trade package while each blaze trade package allows for different startup amounts.
All accruals of profit are done automatically and in accordance with chosen trade plan. Depending on the amount of your deposit and the term of chosen trade period which is about 180 days, you will receive trade profit income monthly. Your earnings is depending from your trade plan and at the end of trade term. If you choose any of the blaze trade plans you will get your initial capital back at the end of trading period. The Percentage of profit for Gold and Platinum blaze is 15% and the Diamond blaze is 20%, these percent payout depends on the market conditions, these percentages are not guaranteed as sometimes might experience reduction in the event of losses during trade. Withdrawal time can take up to 48 hours.
All operations related to the withdrawal of funds carried out only in accordance with the Company’s Refund Policy:

Refund Policy
According to the Company’s Refund Policy, there is no refund. All payments are final and cannot be refunded or reversed back to member’s account under any circumstances. The member that choose any blaze package can only receive a refund of his/her initial deposit after the period of the blaze plan expiry.

Intellectual Property Policy
Digital Trends Biz is an educational platform that Create, Buy and Share educational courses. We host those courses on our online learning centre. We are not in a position to determine the legality of course content. However, it is important to note that some of the contents sold to us maybe sold to others as well and some are in the public domain. Contents in the public domain do not have copyright restrictions, but our team has tailored every content into a beautiful outline that empower people. Some contents are also taken from live training meetings.

Important Disclaimer
Trade Alerts are for educational purposes only.  The alerts that you are subscribed to are not solicitations or offers to buy or sell specific coins, tokens, ICOs or currencies. Digital Trends Biz and its experts or affiliates offers no personal investment advice. Digital Trends Biz is not a Registered Investment Advisor or Broker Dealer.  Past performance is not indicative of future results.  All historical returns are displayed as Return on Investment (ROI) percentages. Significant losses can and will occur while participating in crypto currency or Forex market activities. The user of the Digital Trends Biz trade strategy newsletters enter trades at their own risk and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Digital Trends Biz, its employees, market experts, distributors and affiliates.

Referral Program
You may use and share any links to any page of this Website. You should use Your individual referral link to take part in the affiliate program. The affiliate program is a way to get extra earnings for referring other people to the products and services offered through this Website. You do not have to make a deposit or have an active investment to get affiliate bonuses, but you can only withdraw after you upgrade your account.
Clients are not allowed to send SPAM or any kind of unsolicited commercial e-mail to promote the Company, its products and services.
Our affiliate rewards program offers earning at five levels and pays 10% of the deposits made by your first-line referrals, 6% of the deposits made by you second-line referrals (the people invited by your first-line referrals), 5% of the deposits of your third-line referrals (the people invited by your second-line referrals) 2% of the deposits of your fourth-line referrals (the people invited by your third-line referrals) and 2% of the deposits of your fifth-line referrals (the people invited by your fourth-line referrals).
You earn an Extra Start-up bonus of $5 when you sponsor a Platinum member. There is no limit to the number of affiliates you can sponsor.

Privacy Policy
Please read the following terms regarding our privacy policy.
An important part of the relationship we have with our Clients is the information you share with us. We want you to know how we treat your private information. Digital Trends Biz protects our clients’ privacy and does its best to provide their safety and convenience online. The Digital Trends Biz website is subject to this “Privacy Policy”. It regulates data accumulation and usage at the website. Using the Digital Trends Biz website infers your consent to the data practices given in this statement.

Your Personal Information Accumulation
Digital Trends Biz accumulates such personal data as your name, ID, address verification, ewallet information, phone number and e-mail address. Some details about your software and hardware which are collected automatically by our platform’s website. We receive such information as the type of your browser, your IP address, access times to maintain high level of our services and to manage the statistics of the Digital Trends Biz website. Please consider the fact that if you reveal your personal data directly through the public message boards of the Digital Trends Biz website, we are irresponsible for data privacy and such data can be used by third parties. We assure you that we do not read or interfere into your online private communication. Digital Trends Biz “Privacy Policy” does not apply to other websites which you can decide to visit using a link from our website. That’s why read attentively their privacy statements before giving them the right to collect your personal information. Please be aware that Digital Trends Biz does not bear responsibility for the content and rules of other websites.

Use of Cookies
So-called “cookies” are used at the Digital Trends Biz website to help you in personalizing your online presence. A cookie means a text file which a web-page server places on your hard disk. Cookies pose no threat to your computer: no memory leak, virus infection or other undesirable results can be expected. Only web-server in the domain, which issued it to you, can read it, because cookies are uniquely assigned.
One of the main purposes of cookies is saving your time, which is very convenient for you. Cookie is intended to signal the web-server that the user has returned to a particular page. For instance if you registered and personalized on the Digital Trends Biz’s website to use its services, the cookie is necessary for the website to recall some particular information at your following visit. The process of your personal data recording becomes simpler and easier. Such data may include name, addresses, etc. When you come back to the Digital Trends Biz website again, the data you conveyed before can be restored. In this case you get quick access to the necessary Digital Trends Biz website features.
You can accept and decline cookies as you like. Most web browsers allow cookies by default, but usually you have an ability to set your browser to reject cookies if you want to. But if you make up your mind to reject cookies, you may fail to use all the interactive features of our website to the full as well as the features of other websites.

Changes to This Statement
Digital Trends Biz reserves the right to amend occasionally this “Privacy Policy” to correspond with the actual company’s and customers’ interaction. Digital Trends Biz strongly recommends you to review this Statement from time to time not to miss the updates. In this case you’ll be always aware of Digital Trends Biz safety methods towards your personal data.

Contact Information
Digital Trends Biz is glad to receive your comments concerning this “Privacy Policy”. In case you think that Digital Trends Biz does not follow the rules and violate this Statement, contact Digital Trends Biz at We guarantee that we will take reasonable efforts to solve the problem.

Updated Nov, 2017